Ansgar is the author of several books (listed above), including a short history of Cynicism, and two novellas, Wretch and The Sick List.

He co-founded and edits Risking Education, an imprint of Punctum Books, and Hoopoe Industries. He is based in Sheffield, UK.

Most recent book: WRETCH. Available in paperback.

WRETCH ‘commands a place in the archive of texts to hang onto for however many years are left, whether we call that a canon or not.’ Steve Hanson

Education, n. The indescribable value of education is its greatest weakness. The greatness of education is the route to its impoverishment. The importance of education, as felt in the pulse of every educated person, is the point of entry for every instrument that gives value to what it assays by reducing education to its measurable characteristics. The gift of measurement—a malicious assignment—is to quantify what nobody can adequately express. Educational critics hate measurement because it provides the very substance, the underpinning rationale, the foundation and reason for a Godless realm that still believes in its divine importance but has nothing much to show for it.

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